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Submitted on
July 7, 2012


5 (who?)

Chibi Point Commissions CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 7, 2012, 7:54 AM
I'll post this here because people seem to be confused about it eue( I WILL RAISE THE PRICE IN AUGUST WITH 100:points:)

Price: 50:points: for one chibi and for aditional chibi you add 20:points:.(This works for chibies drawn together,you'll have to pay for both if you want them separately)

You can add wich pose you like to the chibi.

As for the pokemon ones it can cost between 20:points: to 100:points: depending on how complicated the pokemon is.

                                                         I will do :
                                                   :bulletgreen: Original Characters (OC)
                                                   :bulletgreen: Fanart(Canon)
                                                   :bulletgreen: Yourself
                                                          I won't do:

                                                   :bulletred: Chibi porn (lol who does that D:<)

                                                          Ask me about:
                                                     :bulletyellow: Animals
                                                     :bulletyellow: Backrounds
                                                     :bulletyellow: Designs

Sample: Chibi Commission - xXxSamanieXxX by Lesevex Supernatural goes chibi - Commission by Lesevex

Send me a note with the details in it and references!
:bulletred: Not started :bulletyellow: Sketch Done :bulletblue:Lineart Done :bulletgreen: Finished
To do List:

1):iconfursalot: :bulletred:Two Fullbodies(Soft Shade):bulletred: Halfbody (SoftShade) :bulletblue:Two fullbodies(normal shade) :bulletgreen:Four chibies :bulletred:Three Chibies
2):iconjinxaroni: DONE
3):iconvery-simple: DONE
4):iconsaccaroichara: :bulletred:One chibi couple
6):iconmoosefroos: :bulletyellow: Two chibies
7):iconkisshyuugahime: :bulletred: Two chibies (+ Vulpix and Evee)
8):iconmiyuki-tsukiyono: :bulletred: Two chibies :bulletred: Chibi (+Oddish)
9):iconmimi-tenshiro: :bulletred:Two chibies
10):iconmissph0enix: DONE
11):iconsoulofpersephone: Five Chibi Couples: 1.:bulletred:2.:bulletyellow:3.:bulletred:4.:bulletred:5.:bulletred:
12):iconbooboopiggies: Three chibi couples: 1.:bulletred:2.:bulletred:3:bulletred:
13):iconsnake-charmer-ami::bulletred: Four chibies together:bulletred: One chibi:bulletred: Two chibies

To keep you updated :XD:

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Damn so great style, I hope to have the opportunity to comish you !;w;
Lesevex Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank yoouu ;w; . I will post a joural about it in the future maybe sept-oct~
they cost 100 now, right? ;A;
Lesevex Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :XD:

Well something around that but i managed to work out another style that will cost less than that. :XD: I just have to finish these ones now.
welcome xD

okay, I'll wait then c:
Lesevex Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure ill post a journal about it :)
Ahh please tell me when you open~
Lesevex Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure i will definetly post a journal about ot :) Im open as soon as I finish these ones. :P
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